Clear Skin will always be IN. Period.

Your skin is an indicator of your health, your cleanliness, and of course, your appearance.
And it’s right what they say, that clear skin is the perfect canvas for makeup to actually
look good. Even though most of us are spending time at home these days, not going
outside does not guarantee clear and glowing skin. Your daily diet, the air in your home,
your stress levels, your exposure to blue light devices, all these factors determine your
skin’s appearance.

But, there’s good news.
Having a daily skincare routine, eating a skin-healthy diet, and adding some powerful
natural skin care products to your skincare regimen can help you defy all odds and have
clear skin, all year long.
Here are our 3 Holy Grail Natural products that are guaranteed to give you clear skin.

Use it as a toner before applying moisturiser or as a face mist to relieve skin redness and bumps.

Holy Grail Product #1
The simpler your skin routine, the better it is. An age-old ingredient that is probably a
staple product in every Indian beauty routine, rose water can do wonders for your skin
when used regularly. A natural skin-calming ingredient rose water can shield your face
from acne, clogged pores, and also aging. Use it as a toner before applying moisturizer
for a subtle glow and healthy skin.

Try it out: Forest Fuse Rose Water

Composed of the freshest of organic roses, steam distilled into purified rose water.

A skincare and haircare essential, this coconut oil is formulated with a heat-free process to retain nutrients.

Holy Grail Product #2

A multifaceted product that does wonders for skin and hair, Coconut Oil is the one
product you will ever need. Dry skin? Just apply some good old coconut oil on your body
and massage it well to get rid of dryness and flakiness. Dry hair? A coconut oil massage is the answer. The best part about coconut oil is the fact that it is non-comedogenic,
meaning it does not clog pores. You can also use coconut oil as a cleansing oil to
remove your makeup and clean off the excess dirt from your face.

Try it out: Forest Fuse Cold Pressed Organic Coconut Oil
Pure oil extracted through a heat-free process to preserve nutrients.

An exotic soap composed of nature’s most potent skin clearing ingredients.

Holy Grail Product #3

There’s a reason why this soap is one of our all-time bestsellers. Here’s why.
Our Ubtan soap is an exotic body and facial soap composed of nature’s most skin
reviving ingredients such as Turmeric, honey, Sandalwood Powder, Milk extracts, Multani
Mitti and Kesar, all of which are regarded to be the best skin glowing ingredients
according to Ayurveda. Use Ubtan soap to wash off impurities, trapped dirt, dead cells, and dullness from your skin. While turmeric cures inflammation and works against acne
build-up, Multani Mitti helps in making the complexion clear and fading dark marks. Use
this luxe soap for a natural facial at home.

Try it out: Forest Fuse Ubtan Soap
Composed of a blend of natural skin-clearing ingredients

The next time you wish to bring back and restore your skin’s natural glow, add these
products to your daily skincare stack and give nature a try. We bet you wouldn’t be
disappointed! Check out our other natural skin and body care products for a revitalizing skin care experience!

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