This Winter, having perfect skin is achievable.

We can now finally look forward to the final part of the year, the festive season, and, of course, the very merry winters! After all, we have missed snuggling up in the blanket and enjoying our fair share of wintery fun, haven’t we? While you start getting into the mood for winters, make sure that your skin is also getting perfectly prepped for this season.

While winters may elevate your mood, they can be really dry and dreary for your skin and hair. The skincare insights that we will be sharing with you in this post will help you prep your skin for the winter season with the help of the simplest ways and the power of natural ingredients. As we begin this article, let us first understand the kind of problems that our skin is subjected to, during the beautiful winter season.

Dry and flaky skin is a common issue that most of us face as the season changes.

As the temperature descends, the air gets colder and drier. This natural shift of season can play its effect on your skin and show up in the form of unexpected flakiness, dry skin, wrinkly lines, rashes, and even redness. Winters are also known to trigger dandruff and hair fall in the scalp. Prepping one’s skin for winters is extremely essential to save skin from the wrath of such issues. Fortunately, these problems can be tackled well in time with the help of small habit changes and naturally formulated products.

Bathing with hot water can strip off the skin’s natural oils. Lukewarm water baths are relaxing and good for your skin and hair.

The simplest and the easiest to follow tip for the cold weather is to bathe using lukewarm
water and not hot water. Even though it can get hard to resist a supremely hot water bath, it is important to remember that hot water can literally dry up your skin and make it even flakier. The same applies to your scalp. Instead of bathing with hot water, try to use lukewarm water.
Invest in some good oil-based soaps to keep your skin moisturized at all times. Forest Fuse’s
Coconut soap and Poison Soap are two excellent moisturizing soaps, especially for the winter

Coconut is nature’s best moisturising ingredient. Using it in the form of a soap can be wonderful for your skin.

Our coconut soap is composed of cold-pressed coconut oil and aloe vera juice, both of which are known to be star skin ingredients. While aloe vera juice hydrates the skin, coconut oil moisturizes it, leaving it soft and nourished for long. Our Poison soap is the ultimate moisturizing soap for the winter season because of its rich composition of coconut oil, almond oil, palm oil, olive, and of course, aloe vera juice. This ultimate blend of essential oils is curated to make your skin soft and supple for the winter season.

Using bath butters helps in hydrating, exfoliating and deep cleansing of the skin.

Another good way to keep your skin soft and glowing during winters is by adding a bath butter to your bath routine. Bath butters are the perfect bathing product for those who love to indulge in aromatherapy and look for newer ways to make their bath time even more relaxing. Celebrities love to add bath butters to their daily winter routine as they keep their skin glowy at all times. Try our African Red Clay and Rose Geranium Bath Butter and you will definitely understand what the fuss is all about. While African red clay is an excellent skin exfoliator that polishes skin by removing the layer of dead skin, rose geranium oil calms the skin and adds a magical element of fragrance to your bathtime. Exfoliating your skin during the winter season helps in the penetration of moisturizing products deep into the skin.

Rose and Argan have skin calming properties. Using a serum is the most important part of a night routine.

The last and final step of your winter skincare routine should be to use a serum consistently every day. Forest Fuse’s Organic Argan and Rose Geranium Serum is a skin elixir packed with omega fatty acids, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory ingredients that save your skin from acne, dry patches and keep it moisturized and protected from the dry winters.

Taking small steps in terms of nutrition, maintaining your hydration levels, exercising, and adding pure, natural products to your skincare routine will help you keep your skin glowy and healthy all throughout the winter.

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