If you are willing to get a fancy Spa treatment but don’t feel like moving out in the pandemic times or you don’t want to shell out a lot of money on the spa, then you don’t need to stress as we have got your back.

At Forest Fuse, we offer a plethora of products that you can easily use for at-home spa treatments. These products are entirely suited for staying in and relaxing. Check them out:

  • Rejuvenating body scrub
    You can use coffee scrub bath butter to regularly exfoliate your skin as regular exfoliation is essential for removing these dead cells. The dead cells are most likely to accumulate on the surface of the skin, which makes your skin look dull and dry.

If you don’t want to use this bath scrub, you can mix some brown sugar with Forest Fuse olive oil. Additionally, you can also add some honey as it is beneficial for both dry and acne-prone skin types. You can use this scrub in the shower and rub it in circular motions. Above all, you need to pay attention to rough areas, including elbows.

  • Refreshing foot mask
    The majority of us tend to ignore the foot, but you need to know the feet also need to be treated, especially in the long run.

The French pink clay and rose powder bath butter from Forest Fuse makes it a perfect choice for a refreshing foot mask as the bath butter is known to cleanse the skin deeply without stripping off the natural oils. It gently exfoliates the skin leaving it smooth, moisturized, and hydrated. 

  • Steam facial
    One of the best ways to cleanse your pores is by steam facial; it helps to promote glowing clean skin. If you have acne-prone skin, then you can add olive oil from Forest Fuse and take a few minutes of steam by leaning over the bowl. Following the steam, you simply use toner or moisturiser. 
  • Softening hand treatment
    You can make an easy DIY hand scrub by using oils from Forest Fuse essential oils, including olive oil and coconut oil. All you need to do is scoop some mixture on your skin and massage it on your hands in a circular motion.

You can rinse off the mixture in a few minutes until most of the oil has been washed off. Lastly, you can finish it off with organic argan and rose Geranium serum from Forest Fuse. 

  • Aromatherapy Shower
    Baths are perfect for relaxing if you don’t want to visit the spa. You can choose relaxing essential oil from Forest Fuse, including olive oil, and add a few drops of it to a damp flannel. You can place this on the floor in front of you and as you shower all the steam to release the scents.
  • Soothing eye treatment
    If you have a puffy eye, dry or irritated eyes, then you can try a homemade remedy to soothe and refresh. You can apply rose water to help the under-eye area while you can also put some potato slices if you have some goofy eyes. Additionally, you can light some candles and put on some music, and lie back for a soothing and relaxing treat.
  • Skin brightener
    You can easily brighten your skin using natural soaps and serums from Forest Fuse as they are not only great natural exfoliation but also help in brightening the skin.
    Thus, these are some ways you can do a DIY spa treatment at home easily. The products from Forest Fuse offer the best results for exfoliation and skin brightening, so you can choose them over any other products. But, we definitely recommend you give it a try and you will love them!

    Bid goodbye to stress with these simple spa hacks by Forest Fuse.

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