Facial Massage Roller – Milk Jade Roller

Reduces puffiness | Eases fine lines | Improves skin elasticity

It’s time for smooth skin and stress-free senses with the Jade Roller- Face Massager. It reduces puffiness, eases fine lines and improves skin elasticity, giving you a relaxing me-time massage that’ll get you hooked before you know it!

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Why should you buy?

Reduces Puffiness and Eases Fine Lines
Jade is a naturally cool stone with anti-inflammatory benefits, it reduces puffiness and soothes the skin. Regular use of the tool on the face helps erase fine lines and diminish wrinkles.

Improves Skin Elasticity

Self-massage with the Jade Roller instantly boosts blood circulation. It also helps in lymphatic drainage of the face and makes skin supple and firm with an improved elasticity.

Non-Squeaky Hardware, Cooling Sensation
The tool features two smooth, non-squeaky rolling jade stones that roll away the stress and have a cooling sensation. It’s the perfect way to wake your skin up in the morning, relax your skin at night and get #AddictedToGood.

How to use
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