ForestFuse Organic Wild Berry (Sidr) Honey

100% Certified Pure and Natural, Unprocessed | Essential Antioxidants |No preservatives | No Artificial Color |No Added Sugar

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Why Sidr Honey

Sidr Honey is considered to be liquid gold for its vivid and enormous health benefits. Harvested only once a year and collected by tribal honey hunters, this honey can be only collected for 25-30 days in a year & hence is available in small quantities. Wild Berry (Sidr) trees are found in totally inhabited and pollution-free regions of Rajasthan and this natural, raw and unprocessed honey brings you all the goodness of organic honey from the wildflowers. Wild honey collected from natural untouched sources like these is prescribed in many ancient wellness texts and is considered to have the maximum healing properties and is full of medicinal properties. According to modern researchers, dark honey from the forests contains the maximum antioxidants in it. Wild Honey from ForestFuse fits both these descriptions and is a definite healing superfood.

The tribals who collect this honey are trained in sustainable harvesting by the World Wide Fund for Nature and government departments. Sustainable wild honey harvest involves cutting out the honeycomb from the beehive without killing or harming the bees. Every jar of wild honey you purchase indirectly improves the life of a tribal honey hunter community whose main profession has remained as honey harvesting for thousands of years. This ensures that the tribals do not have to migrate to the cities to live harsh lives away from the land they have lived in as a community for thousands of years. We ensure that the tribals are paid well for their labor, expertise, and vast knowledge of the forest lands.

What makes your product special?

Forestfuse honey is certified organic wild honey. We at Forestfuse honey serve raw, unfiltered, unprocessed, and unpasteurized organic honey. As every honey is unique and specific in its own way, Forestfuse honey is also having its own journey, from nectar to bees’ hives, from hives to jars, short but very accurate, appropriate, and foremost steps. Forestfuse honey varies in taste, aroma, texture, and consistency because of changes in their geographical field in every season.

Sharing some official authentications that are Forestfuse honey holds certification by FSSAI (Food Safety and Standard Authority of India) Forestfuse honey also follows antibiotics and heavy metals tests.

Some Precautions before Using Honey

  • Honey should never be heated nor added to hot things. Also, do not drink hot water after eating honey.
  • Honey should not be consumed when you are working in a hot environment.
  • Store honey in glass or china containers only. Never store in metallic containers.
  • Avoid giving honey to infants under 12 months to avoid the risk of botulism (A type of bacterial food poisoning).
  • Allergic reactions to honey have also been reported in individuals allergic to pollen.
  • Honey sometimes contains dormant endospores of the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, which can be dangerous to infants, as the endospores can transform into toxin-producing bacteria in the infant’s immature intestinal tract, leading to illness.

    Inconsistency is natural and natural is good 🙂
    Sedimentation and seasonal changes in color, texture, and taste are signs of pure & raw honey. The process of crystallization is natural, liquify by placing in hot water or sunlight.
    Do not refrigerate
    Best before 24 months from the date of manufacturingTexture & Taste
    Mysterious and dark amber in color, the flavor is a mix of fruity and earthy with natural mild bitterness.

250 ml, 500ml


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